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I ♥ Venus

It’s always fascinated me that the mountains of Venus are capped with snow made of heavy metal minerals. Frosts made of shiny, lustrous material, giving a metallic glint to the tops of mountains hidden beneath kilometres of acrid cloud. I … Continue reading

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Acid drop

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know that Venus is my favourite planet in our solar system. Yes, I know it’s basically a big pressure cooker wrapped in lethally corrosive acid, but I love it all … Continue reading

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Rare events

During the Venus transit, I found myself wondering about how often Venus might be seen to transit the Sun if you were living on Mars, and found myself in a brief conversation with @mike_peel about it. He directed me to a … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Gallery

There are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of gorgeous images from yesteday’s transit of Venus flying about the internet right now. I have no doubt more will surface gradually, as images are downloaded from cameras and retouched, … Continue reading

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A little video, courtesy of NASA SDO. Just stunning.

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Hello there, Venus!

Planet Venus is now transiting the Sun. Right now. Watching something like this live is just incredibly exciting. And thanks to the internet, I can watch this live and hear people talking about it from several parts of the world … Continue reading

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In Transit

Tomorrow, a rather magical astronomical event shall occur. From 05/06 at 23:04 BST to 06/06 at 05:55 BST, Venus will transit the Sun. In astronomy, this is an incredibly rare and rather wonderful occurrence. In fact, this is only the … Continue reading

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Venusian Sunset

There’s something just lovely about the evening. A cool breeze against your skin, the Sun dips slowly below the horizon, as planets blaze brightly in the sky with reflected Sunlight. It’s easy to forget entirely that Earth too, is a … Continue reading

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Secret in her veil Cytherea sleeps soundly Shining in the Dark Swathed in acid sheets Shyly covering her face She rages within Image: ESA/ MPS / DLR / IDA

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A world of vitriol

Venus, that beloved little acid ball of mine, may well get a return visit in the near future, courtesy of Russian space research institute, IKI. This makes me very happy! Funnily enough, more man made craft have visited Venus than … Continue reading

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