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With apologies for slightly mutilating Jhonen Vasquez’s post Comic Con doodle. But honestly, it pretty much sums up how I feel, realising all of the stuff I need to do now I’m home…

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As I write this, I’m sitting in Incheon airport in Korea. I am very tired and, once again, courtesy of the International Date Line I’m slightly confused as to what day it is. The reason for my travelling shenanigans this … Continue reading

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Hotel Room

So yesterday afternoon I arrived in Taipei for a weeklong conference about cosmic dust, and as I write this I’m relaxing in a rather comfortable hotel room. Interestingly enough, this marks the 4th country I’ve visited across 2 continents over … Continue reading

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Geometric Clothing

The Japanese shop, Muji, has had a few UK branches for quite a number of years now. It surprised a few of my friends here in Tokyo when I told them this, but I’ve been periodically buying things there for … Continue reading

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Sheer genius!

It seems that my subconscious hasn’t quite acclimatised yet, to the fact that I’m in a different country. Normally, if I was leaving for a conference in two days time, I’d be fastidiously organising, planning, and making arrangements. However, seeing … Continue reading

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Gosh, well that turned out to be rather a long hiatus, didn’t it? Ever since the vivapocalypse, life seems to have been all systems go. Evidently, moving to the other side of the planet to start a new job is … Continue reading

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Surprise Conference

There are some times in this crazy academic lifestyle which make all of the hardships and woes entirely worthwhile. This, my dear readers, right here and right now. This is precisely one of those moments. As I type this, I’m … Continue reading

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I like to think of myself as a good and responsible traveller. Certainly, I’d imagine many people like to think this of themselves. Though I always like to try and make an effort when I’m going elsewhere. I’ve always considered … Continue reading

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Astrochemical Shenanigans

So I may not have been blogging much recently. I seem to be a bit of a rubbish blogger lately. But then, I have a whole host of other things I should be writing at the moment, including at least … Continue reading

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Always travel with a hat.

I’m serious. Always travel with a hat. A decent hat is a traveller’s best friend, in my opinion. And bizarrely enough, I think I’m now qualified to actually say that. There are several very good reasons to carry a hat … Continue reading

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