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Postcards from Another Star

Anyone who knows me should be able to readily attest to the fact that I’m endlessly enthralled by exoplanets. And you know, who wouldn’t be? I was raised on a healthy diet of Star Trek and Isaac Asimov stories after … Continue reading

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I ♥ Ultraviolet

As I often say, ultraviolet is my favourite colour. Actually, when I say this I’m not being entirely facetious. The ultraviolet part of the spectrum is a helpful area for people like me. Helpful but… also troublesome. You see, optical … Continue reading

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Eyes in the sky – looking at exoplanets

Anyone who’s been paying attention this last year will know that it’s been a turbulent year for space telescopes. Turbulent, but not without some unexpected windfalls. One in particular is that earlier this year, the US National Reconnaissance Organisation (NRO) … Continue reading

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Adopt an observatory: Abandoned world class 4m infrared telescope in need of a loving owner

Poor UKIRT. You may remember me writing a few months ago about the regrettble decision by the UK government to pull the plug on the United Kingdom InfraRed Telescope (UKIRT) and shut down all operations by September 2013. This was after … Continue reading

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When constructed, the James Webb Space Telescope (or JWST for short) is scheduled for launch in 2018. When it does, it will be the largest and most complex orbital telescope ever constructed, with a 6.5 m primary mirror giving it … Continue reading

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Pulsar spirograph

The Fermi telescope, seeing the sky in gamma rays, has given us our best view yet of the high energy Universe. A world where bizarre events give out so much energy that it’s difficult for us to fully appreciate their scale. … Continue reading

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Planets, planets, everywhere!

NASA’s Kepler telescope has been staring unblinkingly at a single patch of the sky for nearly three and a half years now. In that time, it’s discovered a huge number of planets in all sorts of sizes around numerous different … Continue reading

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Radio quiet, please!

For an article written by yours truly, all about the Square Kilometre Array and the decision to split it across two continents, pay a visit to Australian Science!

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Radio Eye

Imagine if you could see in radio waves. Things would appear a lot different to the way they are to you right now. Much of your world would suddenly appear to be made of glass, transparent as far as you … Continue reading

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Closing our eyes

Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs. Et les temps sont durs pour les astronomes aussi. The UK has been determined to drop any and all astronomical operations in Hawaii ever since that fateful research repriositisation in 2009. I just … Continue reading

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