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Most gamers will probably recognise Space Core from Portal 2 by now – and thanks to an anonymous NASA technician, he’s getting his dream of being in space. The little image of Space Core (or is it Wheatley?) in the … Continue reading

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We are clueless about the future

I just wanted to share this image. Honestly, I kid you not, this is what scientists may once upon a time have expected a “home computer” to look like in the year 2004. As I sit here amidst a heap … Continue reading

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Networking the Solar System

I have an article published over on Australian Science, all about the future of the internet – concerning such things as having twitter conversations from Mars, networking old spacecraft, and why playing Halo online would suck if you were on … Continue reading

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This slightly alien looking little yellow guy is Wakamaru. Remember a little while back when I was writing about Asimo and musing on robots coexisting with humans? Well apparently they already do. Kind of. Wakamaru here is manufactured by Mitsubishi, … Continue reading

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Dancing Robots!

So ok, dancing robots? That’s always a good way to reel me in. That has awesomeness written all over it. But it gets better – you see, unlike other robotic dance routines you may have seen before, these aren’t pre-programmed. … Continue reading

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Astronomers and photographers have a lot in common. We both collect photons, we both spend a lot of time pointing lenses at things, and we both like to have as many pixels in our images as possible. Impressively enough, camera … Continue reading

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If there’s one place in the world where robots are likely to be able to coexist with humans in the forseeable future, it has to be Japan. I have a kind of awestruck admiration for the Japanese love of technology. … Continue reading

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The Belated Laser Revolution

As you may already know, the future is now. And when you stop and think about it, it really is. It’s the 21st century and things which not long ago were science fiction are now so commonplace we don’t even … Continue reading

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We built this city on rolling rocks

I was a couple of minutes into the video before I stopped, blinked, and actually realised what I was watching. ‘Wait, really?’ This kind of thing has been a staple of science fiction for so long, but no this is … Continue reading

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Elementary, my dear Watson

“The Earth,” as Carl Sagan once said, “is far too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in.” I, for one, agree with his sentiment entirely. Indeed, I’ve always been the one to … Continue reading

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