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6 chapters and 2 appendices, 186 pages, 39 figures, and 52426 words later, the thesis was completed, bound, and submitted. And there was much rejoicing. (Yes I am covering my real name. Pseudonyms and all of that. You know how … Continue reading

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Sanity Check

I’m pretty worn out. My final thesis deadline is now on the scale of days and, as seems to happen in every single aspect of my life, I’m busily fussing about making sure everything is done as well as I’d … Continue reading

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Joy and Sunshine…?

I realise that I’ve been quite notably absent from my blog of late. I do apologise for this, dear readers, but I’ve had rather a lot on my plate these past few weeks. Most notably, this: This is (currently) approximately … Continue reading

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Depression, imposter syndrome, and the importance of being wrong

This article is a bit more personal than most. Actually a lot more. I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this, but this blog is intended to be as much about academic life as it is about science, and this … Continue reading

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Self archaeology

There now follows a brief interlude of silliness, following my decision to tidy my desk. A tidy desk also means I have space to put things, can set my coffee down without making a circle on any papers, and have … Continue reading

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Examen ex machina

So the latest stage in the saga of Invader-Xan-has-no-funding-left has shown me yet another side to the University machine. This time of year brings a plethora of miscellaneous opportunities to work and get bonus income in the educational sector. You … Continue reading

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It’s a small world

So I was wandering around the department where I work a few days ago and I happened to stop by a noticeboard, where I found this. Which made me double take. That particular chaotic ensemble of phenols looked strangely familiar … Continue reading

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I don’t even

Ugh… I’m just going to cut this one immediately, so anyone who doesn’t want to hear me whining about wavelength calibration can go on about their business!

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Academia ex machina

Academia is a harsh mistress. If you’re not careful, it has a habit of spitting you out into the real world to fend for yourself when you’d really rather have other plans. So currently, being all out of funding, I’m … Continue reading

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The Lost Artist

As children, everyone always tries to teach us that science and art are incompatible. They dissuade us from pursuing both as interests, while repeating mantras about left-brain and right-brain. Science is supposed to be rigid and rigourous, without room for … Continue reading

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