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How “habitable” is our solar system anyway?

If you take a look around our solar system, it’s sometimes enough to make you feel slightly lonely. As far as we know, the only planet with any kind of life on it is ours. We certainly haven’t seen any … Continue reading

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Keeping in the loop

I was rather gratified the other day, to learn that I’m not boring for being a fan of Orion. Apparently, several other people pick Orion as their favourite constellation, ever vigilant in the skies from almost anywhere on the planet. … Continue reading

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Centauri Dreams!

There is a planet in the Alpha Centauri system.  An Earth-sized planet★. In the Alpha Centauri system. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me this is huge huge news! As many a space enthusiast will tell you, the … Continue reading

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Second star to the right, and straight on till morning…

Dreamed up by the British Interplanetary Society in the 1970s, Daedalus was an idea for an unmanned interstellar space probe. It was to be powered by a nuclear fusion rocket, using a rocket engine bell larger than St Paul’s Cathedral. Continue reading

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The eternally starry skies of star cluster planets

Our sun sits in a rather lonely part of the Milky Way. Here in our quiet little home in a mundane part of the Orion Spur, a tiny offshoot from one of the galaxy’s spiral arms, we have few neighbours. … Continue reading

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Quit your pessimism, ok?

I’m tired of seeing this trite show up in every corner of the internet I frequent. Can we please just get rid of it? Please? No. Nonononononononono. You can say whatever you like, but don’t be using science to justify … Continue reading

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Black holes singing in space

One of the things which particularly caught my eye in this week’s Carnival of Space was that article from the quite marvellous Science in a Can about a singing black hole! This black hole is about 250 million light years away … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space 262

Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, I bid you welcome to this week’s edition of Carnival of Space. With Curiosity’s daredevil landing on Mars this week, there’s a distinctly martian flavour about this carnival! Whether this is your first time … Continue reading

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In astronomy, the typical way to give the mass of a large object is in solar masses, denoted M⊙. This isn’t an exact measure, but it’s good to a suitable degree of accuracy. For example, Sirius A is about 2.02 M⊙. … Continue reading

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Undead Suns

A recent article which I’ve stumbled upon comes from the quite delightful Centauri Dreams, concerning the possibility of habitable worlds around white dwarf stars. Frankly, I find the whole concept rather enthralling (and I touched on the idea briefly once … Continue reading

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