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Comic by Hannah Blumenreich. Happy Caturday!

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In other news, here is a selfie taken by a robot on the surface of another planet. I hope you’re having a nice Monday!

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Bohemian Gravity

This video made me giggle with glee! If you’re a fan of string theory and classic rock (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then you’ll probably find this as wonderfully geeky as I do. A cut-down explanation of string theory … Continue reading

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Us academic types just love to procrastinate, which is probably why there are so many of us to be found on twitter. This means that occasionally, twitter can be a geeky comedy goldmine. The latest source of 140 character hilarity? … Continue reading

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Science Penguin

Science penguin gives helpful advice on how to go about applying for your next postdoc position! Hope everyone’s having a nice Monday… (source)

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In UR bibliography checking UR citations

As everyone knows, Saturday is Caturday. And todays amusing feline fact relates to a paper published in Physical Review Letters back in 1975. The paper’s title was “Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc ³He”, which is already pretty … Continue reading

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Welcome to Monday…

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Every now and again, twitter can be the source of pure comedy gold. This happens to be precisely what happened yesterday with the #overlyhonestmethods hashtag. I have no idea who initiated this trend, or why, but it’s seen the a … Continue reading

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Full of hot air!

One of my favourite things to do from time to time on this blog is to answer peoples’ random silly science questions with… well… random silly science. And a friend of mine asked me a brilliant question the other day. … Continue reading

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Sh*t Astronomers Say

Oh god, it’s true. Every word of it. I’ve actually made people angry before by asking “What about dust?” (For some reason, certain astronomers really don’t like dust. Or rapidly rotating iron filings.)

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