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Discovered on Tumblr. The Milky Way is around 100000 light years in diameter, meaning that 200 light years makes about 0.002% of the Milky Way’s diameter. Perhaps the answer to Fermi’s Paradox is simply that others are out there, but … Continue reading

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Twinkle twinkle little star…

A very interesting thing has been reported this week, provoking a lot of discussion and speculation on Twitter and elsewhere. A star in the Kepler catalog, designated KIC 8462852, appears to be orbited by a bizarre swarm of objects and no one … Continue reading

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The lights are on, and someone’s home

Something I’ve often wondered about Earth – would our civillisation be detectable from another star, by the light of our cities? It may sound silly at first, but hear me out. Most of the street lights in the world are … Continue reading

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Could we help The Sun cheat death?

Since they were first discovered in 1952, blue stragglers have baffled astronomers. Appearing strangely youthful amid their ageing brethren, many now believe blue stragglers are formed when two smaller stars merge. There is, however, one theory which is rather more… … Continue reading

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Alien Social Networking?

So it seems, a Ukranian radio telescope is being used to transmit a message to Gliese 581c. In fact, it already has — at 6am yesterday morning. I’m just guessing here, but the telescope is probably UTR-2 (officially, “Ukrainian T-shaped … Continue reading

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Alien Invasion Threat?

It’s been a long standing bone of contention with anyone seriously considering alien civillisations… Do we broadcast our presence in hopes of meeting someone, or do we stay quiet in case we contact someone we’d rather not? Alexander Zaitsev, of … Continue reading

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Should we be looking for the Deathstar?

Everyone knows the Deathstar. By now, it’s surely an iconic depiction of power and technological potential. As such, it’s a pretty good example of the bizarre field of astroengineering. In other words, designing and engineering objects on an astrophysical scale. … Continue reading

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