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How to write a proposal – part II

A few months ago, I wrote a little about how to put together a research proposal. At the time, I acknowledged that I was no expert and had a lot still to learn. I still acknowledge this, perhaps now even … Continue reading

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Astrobiology Reading List

So I’m working on some slides for that public lecture I’m giving next week. I think things are looking good. I know plenty about all of the topics I’m planning on covering. Just a couple of things to brush up … Continue reading

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The Sunyaev-Zel’dovitch Effect

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Astronomy Reading List

So I stumbled upon this list of topics while I was killing some time yesterday. It’s a reading list that the astronomy department give their postgrads to work on. Being an astrochemist, I’m technically in the school of chemistry, not … Continue reading

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Cosmic Background?

Well, my background reading might still be a bit behind schedule, but at least I now know a lot more about infrared astronomy (including telluric absorption and suchlike). Suddenly, a lot of the things I’ve read in papers make more … Continue reading

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