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Keep writing if moon dust clogs the gears and coats your clothes and is the grit covering your words brush it away keep writing. – Astropoetry courtesy of Tychogirl Words to live by.

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Secret in her veil Cytherea sleeps soundly Shining in the Dark Swathed in acid sheets Shyly covering her face She rages within Image: ESA/ MPS / DLR / IDA

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Through binoculars I leave my narrow world for An ocean of stars – Astropoetry by TychoGirl

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Star-Gazer The very stars are justified. The galaxy italicized. I have proofread and proofread the beautiful script. There are no errors. — P.K. Page Taken from Dark Matter: Poems of Space A book which every astronomer should leaf through at … Continue reading

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