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Postcards from Ceres

Ceres may just be one of the most underappreciated places in the entire solar system. For a long time it was only considered an asteroid, not even worthy of being mentioned in school textbooks. Which may be why I love that … Continue reading

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Tiny Volcanic World

Io is an interesting little place. Not the kind of place I’d like to go on holiday, mind you. 10 years ago, New Horizons caught a gravitational slingshot from Jupiter to send it on its way to Pluto. As it … Continue reading

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8 things we know about Proxima b

Proxima b is exciting, isn’t it? I mean, it’s a planet which was born to a different star. An actual alien planet. And it’s so tantalisingly close! If our species were to actually work towards it, we could conceivably send a robot … Continue reading

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A Procession of Blue Dots

Take a long, hard look at this little animation. It may not look like much at first. A small collection of blue spots, swirling around a mass of light. But what you’re looking at is a system of alien planets orbiting … Continue reading

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The Song of The Dunes

I’m really quite fascinated by singing sand dunes. Also known variously as whistling sand or booming dunes, this is a phenomenon observed in places across the world when the right set of circumstances cause sand to be a little noisier than usual. … Continue reading

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In the world of exoplanets, Earth-like planets are what everyone’s most excited over. And for good reason. It sure would be great if we could get a close look at one, don’t you think? Wouldn't it be great if there … Continue reading

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Model Planets

As I pointed out yesterday, the recently announced TRAPPIST-1 system is tiny. The little star itself is barely larger than Jupiter. But what about the system as a whole? So I made a model. Behold! This image shows all sizes … Continue reading

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A tiny red sun with a sky full of planets!

Imagine if your sun was tiny and red. Imagine if you could see other planets in the sky as large as the moon appears from Earth. Imagine if all the planets orbiting your star were roughly the same size as … Continue reading

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So many planets…

I love planets, don’t you? Being all… round. With their… Atmospheres. Very gaseous. What’s not to love? Actually, as I’m writing this, there are 3449 confirmed planets in our galaxy. 544 of the planetary systems we’ve seen are multi-planet systems. And … Continue reading

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Tarry Tarry Night

Ceres is a fascinating little world. The Empress of Asteroids. The little planet that couldn’t. A tiny, primordial remnant from the early days of the solar system, full of answers to questions, and new questions to be answered. And now, … Continue reading

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