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This is a rock. It’s been given the seemingly arbitrary name of N165. Which, as I’m sure you can guess, means it’s no ordinary piece of basalt. This rock is special because it’s on Mars, and it’s set to be … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space 262

Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, I bid you welcome to this week’s edition of Carnival of Space. With Curiosity’s daredevil landing on Mars this week, there’s a distinctly martian flavour about this carnival! Whether this is your first time … Continue reading

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Astrotropes: Desert Planets

From Star Wars to Pitch Black, Dune to Starship Troopers, the trope of the desert planet is widely recognised. So widely recognised, in fact, that all you really need to show in any sci fi offering is a single scene … Continue reading

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Music for a silent world

Need a little musical entertainment? Here. Enjoy a little playlist of music to explore Mars to. Now you have something to listen to while you browse NASA JPL’s Mars Photojournal – over 7000 images of everyone’s favourite desert planet, including the … Continue reading

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Mysterious Mars

Remember that puzzle about the martian methane? No? Well, if you’d like a refresher, you may be interested to take a glance at my latest article over on Australian Science. On methane, Mars, and more… Image: Arabia Terra, Mars – ESA/DLR/FU … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mars!

The Curiosity rover has officially landed on the surface of Mars, and it has opened its eyes for the first time to the frigid warmth of the martian afternoon sun. Humanity is back on Mars, and we’re there with our … Continue reading

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Curiosity killed the lack of knowledge

I can guarantee you that there are a lot of very tense NASA scientists out there this weekend. The reason being that at 05:31 UTC on August 6 (about half past 6 in the morning here in the UK), the … Continue reading

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Rare events

During the Venus transit, I found myself wondering about how often Venus might be seen to transit the Sun if you were living on Mars, and found myself in a brief conversation with @mike_peel about it. He directed me to a … Continue reading

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Big Brother Mars

Sending a group of people to another planet is not a trivial matter. There are a lot of things to consider, from radiation shielding to maintaining a supply of oxygen. By far the most difficult concern, however, is human nature. … Continue reading

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Negative Sunset

Earth has blue skies and red sunsets. Interestingly enough, Mars has red skies and blue sunsets. While at first glance, it might seem curious that the two planets seem to have the opposite skies to each other, it starts to … Continue reading

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