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I just wanted to share this gorgeous photograph – Jupiter and all four of its Galilean moons clearly visible, behind our own Moon with the sunlight illuminating the bumps and ridges on its surface. I love photographs like this. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Journey to Jupiter

Amateur astronomers really do accomplish some fantastic things. Things like this gorgeous little video! Between December 2014 and March 2015, 91 astronomers from around the world took over 1000 photographs of our planet’s largest sibling and arranged them into this … Continue reading

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Tiny Volcanic World

Io is an interesting little place. Not the kind of place I’d like to go on holiday, mind you. 10 years ago, New Horizons caught a gravitational slingshot from Jupiter to send it on its way to Pluto. As it … Continue reading

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Jupiter or Wood?

As I’ve said before, in my humble opinion, Jupiter looks like it’s made of wood. So, with that in mind, let me present my new favourite game. Fun for the whole family!* Just look at the following 9 images. Some … Continue reading

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So here’s an interesting little fact. In Chinese and Japanese, Jupiter is known as 木星 which means “wood star” – and I think that’s a wonderful name for it! Interestingly, the name is pure coincidence. Just as our name for the … Continue reading

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Ludicrous Speed

So Juno is now safely in orbit around Jupiter, and NASA scientists are triumphant, celebrating it as the “hardest thing NASA’s ever done.” They may not be wrong. No spacecraft has ever passed so close to Jupiter before. Jupiter’s radiation … Continue reading

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Like shooting womp rats

It’s pretty late in my currnet part of the world. But all the same, I’m debating whether or not I should sleep at a sensible time. Mostly because it’s not every day that humanity sends robots to other planets. It’s … Continue reading

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Europa Report

I’ve been so out of the loop recently, I seem to be late jumping onto this bandwagon, but I’ve only just learned about an exciting film due to be released later this month! Europa Report, a “found footage” style movie, … Continue reading

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Secret Oceans and Hidden Lakes

I’ve written surprisingly little here about Europa. Surprising, because it’s easily one of the most interesting objects in our solar system. Perhaps I have a habit of favouring the underdogs, but if there’s any other place in the solar system … Continue reading

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