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Model Planets

As I pointed out yesterday, the recently announced TRAPPIST-1 system is tiny. The little star itself is barely larger than Jupiter. But what about the system as a whole? So I made a model. Behold! This image shows all sizes … Continue reading

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Spaceflight Aesthetics

One thing which I’ve always admired about NASA is their attention to aesthetics. They pay good attention to graphic design – as well they should, given that many of their major achievements have gone down in history. And let’s face … Continue reading

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Logo? No go.

I warn you before you read on, that graphic design can make me ranty. Even more ranty than science papers without any conclusions. So I found a link to an article on the Huffington Post earlier about a “redesigned NASA … Continue reading

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Fun with planets!

I got a heads up from Chris Jones from space-facts.com about this image he’d made of the 8 major planets in our solar system. All the planets to scale. Isn’t that a brilliant graphic? It really gives you a good … Continue reading

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Pluto’s miniature family

Pluto has a new moon! Freshly released today, the latest news from Hubble is that we now know of 5 natural satellites circling around the king of the dwarf planets. The latest discovery is between 10-25 km in diameter, with … Continue reading

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Comic Sans? Seriously?

I have no words to use in explaining the thoughts that ran through my head upon realisation that the results for what may well be one of the greatest discoveries in modern physics were presented using the font Comic Sans. … Continue reading

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Model spaceships

This, my friends, is an image showing several of the most notable spacecraft we plucky human beings have created (and are busily creating) to date. The past, the present, and the ones that never quite made it. All spacecraft shown … Continue reading

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History in a sentence

The Greatest Story Ever Told (or history in a sentence) One of the most wonderful posters I’ve seen in ages! This is just one of many by the really rather good design studio Schüle-Lewis. Go and browse the many artistic … Continue reading

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An interesting thing about being interdisciplinary is that you realise that different branches of science can actually have very different culture behind them. In many ways, the two departments I work in, physical chemistry and astronomy, are very different places. … Continue reading

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Because I’m a geek. Obviously.

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