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The Oldest Fossils in the World Life has existed on planet Earth for a long time. Precisely how long, however, is a question which many are still searching for an answer to. The most recently discovered piece in that puzzle … Continue reading

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Great danger for the Great Barrier Reef “The Great Barrier Reef is, in effect, the Amazon Basin of the Ocean. It’s a huge and bustling hub of biodiversity, rich with all manner of aquatic plant and animal species. Like a … Continue reading

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Breaking Plates What do Australia and India have in common? The answer is that they both share one of Earth’s tectonic plates – the drifting eggshell-like pieces of Earth’s crust, on which all of our planet’s continents sit. However, the … Continue reading

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Planetary Centrifuge

I love classic sci fi movies, but if some advanced alien being could make the whole Earth (as opposed to just the man-made parts) literally stand still, the end results would be nothing short of catastrophic. You see, because most … Continue reading

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How far can you see?

I’ve always loved looking out towards the horizon. Especially by the shore on those beautifully clear days when you can see right to the edge of the sky. But just how far away is the horizon anyway? Actually, it’s pretty easy to calculate. Continue reading

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❝ Oddly enough the overriding sensation I got looking at the earth was, ‘my god that little thing is so fragile out there’.❞ Michael Collins, Apollo 11

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There’s a beautiful Earth out tonight…

Here on Earth, poets and artists have been inspired for centuries by the beauty of a clear moonlit night. Perhaps it won’t be too much longer before they’re similarly inspired by a clear Earthlit night. A lunar night bathed in … Continue reading

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This island Earth

Is this a map of another planet? Or perhaps a fictitious map of an imaginary world, the likes of Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls? Nope. It may take you a few moments to recognise it, but this is Earth. This … Continue reading

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Networking the Solar System

I have an article published over on Australian Science, all about the future of the internet – concerning such things as having twitter conversations from Mars, networking old spacecraft, and why playing Halo online would suck if you were on … Continue reading

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Rare events

During the Venus transit, I found myself wondering about how often Venus might be seen to transit the Sun if you were living on Mars, and found myself in a brief conversation with @mike_peel about it. He directed me to a … Continue reading

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