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Suddenly, paperclips. Billions of them.

So I may have spend some of my idle brain and CPU time yesterday making paperclips. Wait! I promise this is more interesting than it sounds! The game Universal Paperclips, shown to me by a friend (thanks Wil!) after my … Continue reading

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Astrotropes: Dangerous AI

This trope may not be particularly astro-related, but it’s nonetheless quite ubiquitous in science fiction, both in space and on Earth. For a long time, humans have daydreamed about the ability to create artificial intelligence (AI) which may be equal … Continue reading

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Networking the Solar System

I have an article published over on Australian Science, all about the future of the internet – concerning such things as having twitter conversations from Mars, networking old spacecraft, and why playing Halo online would suck if you were on … Continue reading

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Converge, dammit!

One of the biggest irritations in time dependent DFT calculations is getting your functionals to converge. And a certain large molecule that I’m trying to work some calculations on is just being a little carbonaceous bitch. I’ve run the calculation … Continue reading

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InvaderXan@ganymede:~> vi file35.sh.e80656 setenv: Too many arguments. ~ :x InvaderXan@ganymede:~> ffs -bash: ffs: command not found (I get frustrated sometimes when things aren’t working as they should).

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Virtual Molecules

Here at this illustrious University, researchers have access to some pretty hefty supercomputing capabilities. It was actually the second most powerful academic supercomputer in Europe when it was initially set up. As a matter of fact, there are three disciplines … Continue reading

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The Crunch

Well… A crunch anyway. Perhaps not the crunch… So feedback on my report was pretty good. All the critique I was hoping for, anyway; I certainly wasn’t expecting everything to be spot on first time (that would be miraculous). Still, … Continue reading

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Meh… Sometimes when you’re busy, you just have to let a few things slide, promising yourself that you’ll take care of them later. Sometimes, of course, when you take care of those things later, you realise that you have quite … Continue reading

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Anyone reading this really ought to be warned in advance — this entry is more for me than anyone else, so if quantum mechanics, spectroscopy and/or fortran programming aren’t your thing, you may want to just ignore the rest… Or … Continue reading

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PRINT *,’Meh’

fmt: end of file apparent state: unit 1 named fort.1 last format: (A5) lately reading sequential formatted external IO Aborted

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