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Happy caturday! Today’s caturday topic? Cat tongues. No, not those biscuits they sell in Europe. Actual cat tongues. Exactly! Anyone who’s ever had a cat unexpectedly lick their fingers will be able to tell you that a cat’s tongue is … Continue reading

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Comic by Hannah Blumenreich. Happy Caturday!

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In UR bibliography checking UR citations

As everyone knows, Saturday is Caturday. And todays amusing feline fact relates to a paper published in Physical Review Letters back in 1975. The paper’s title was “Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc ³He”, which is already pretty … Continue reading

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Examiner kitteh

“So tell me, what were the main objectives of your research towards a PhD?” Examiner kitteh is in UR thesis finding UR errors! (Happy caturday!)

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Here, kitty kitty!

Happy caturday! Here’s an illustration showing five of the largest cat species to have ever lived! From left to right, those cats are… American Lion (Panthera leo atrox) Possibly the largest cat to have ever lived, looking remarkably like modern day … Continue reading

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Deflection Curvature

Have a good Caturday!

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The Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is celebrating it’s current heroes – a litter of Scottish Wildcat kittens! Scottish Wildcats are a perilously endangered species, with only around 400 estimated to currently be alive in the wild. Some consider the … Continue reading

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Well, that last post was depressing wasn’t it? Quickly now… That’s exactly why I keep one of these on standby!

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If anyone can tell me what’s happening here, they’ll win a prize! No, really. Please do tell me. I’m totally clueless. The cat looks as confused as I am. Oh well… Happy caturday!

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Dynamics of Cats

On caturday here at Supernova Condensate, I like to endeavour to bring you the very best combination I can of cats and science. Or at least, the very best combination I can find with a few minutes using Google. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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