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An addendum to my earlier post about Henry Gee being a doucheweasel to Dr Isis. In keeping an eye on how this may play out, I found a post by Michael Eisen on his blog, it is NOT junk. His … Continue reading

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We must not tolerate this.

In all situations, I like to try and remain cool and objective. In fact, with a couple of rare exceptions, it takes quite a lot to ruffle my feathers. But one thing which can never fail to piss me off … Continue reading

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Yo no hablo muy bien español. En realidad, casi no hablar cualquier. Así que me disculpo, pero no voy a ser muy elocuente aquí. Si usted está en Twitter, disfrutar la ciencia, y hablo español – seguir @Ciencia140. Es exactamente como Science 140 (que menciona previamente), … Continue reading

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Mass Transfer

Welcome to the all new Supernova Condensate! (Now, complete with working domain name!) So I’ve migrated to WordPress. Because really, I’m fed up of Livejournal for a lot of reasons. But I shaln’t whinge. Oh no. In any case, I’m … Continue reading

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The Wisdom in X-rays

I’m genuinely honoured to have a guest blog post today in Nature’s Soapbox Science blog about the repurcussions of the recent plug being pulled on the ATHENA X-ray telescope. I’m quite proud of this one. Please do go over and … Continue reading

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Science Calling

I’m rather happy to say that I have a guest blog post on Science Calling all about the search for life in the Universe! Science Calling is a quite wonderful blog all about public engagement and science in Ireland, and … Continue reading

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Blogging about science about blogging about science…

So… I’m writing a blog post for ResearchBlogging.org about a paper about blog posts written for ResearchBlogging.org. And that means that if ever anyone else writes a paper about blog posts for ResearchBlogging.org it will be a paper about blog … Continue reading

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Taking an extended leave of absence from the blogosphere as, if I’m honest, I have been, you find that not everything is quite as you left it when you return. The internet is not fixed. It’s fluid as the stars, … Continue reading

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On pseudonymity and wearing half a mask

I was chatting to a friend earlier, and the subject came up in conversation of how the internet is a fairly level playing field. After all, a lot of the time, you aren’t even sure who the person you’re talking … Continue reading

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Science of Starcraft

I’ll freely admit than I’m something of a video game culture nut, as well as being a shameless science geek. So when I discover something that makes a reasonably good effort to combine the two, I find it rather exciting! … Continue reading

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