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Tea Pharmacology

I always enjoy good tea. This seems perfectly logical when you consider than I’m a British person living in Japan (apparently ocean island nations have a predisposition towards drinking tea). Interestingly though, it seems that tea is good for your … Continue reading

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Going Viral

Viruses. I’m quite a big fan of viruses to be honest. You know, apart from those ones which make you ill. But I guess nobody’s perfect. In particular, viruses are interesting because they give a curious little insight into the … Continue reading

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Unknown Corals of the Deep Corals are some of the most beautiful things to be found under the sea, blossoming in clusters like gardens off tropical coasts worldwide. Easily the grandest display is to be found in Australia with the … Continue reading

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Great danger for the Great Barrier Reef “The Great Barrier Reef is, in effect, the Amazon Basin of the Ocean. It’s a huge and bustling hub of biodiversity, rich with all manner of aquatic plant and animal species. Like a … Continue reading

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Life’s first drink – Cold soup or warm soda?

It’s safe to say that we all know the phrase “primordial soup.” An idea originally put forward by J.B.S. Haldane in 1929, writers have been waxing lyrical about this proverbial soup from which life arose, for decades now. The phrase … Continue reading

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Mushroom Kingdom!

Over a century ago, a gigantic fossil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. Gigantic and mysterious, because no one had any idea what exactly it had once been. With a thick trunk, it was similar to petrified trees, but this didn’t … Continue reading

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Milkshake lake

Because we’re all surrounded by plants, we tend to have the association between photosynthesis and green things. While this is certainly true for most phototrophic life on Earth, it isn’t always the case. Every now and again, you find something … Continue reading

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Through alien eyes

As the old adage goes, when looking up at the stars – what if there’s someone else out there looking back at us. But what exactly would they be looking with? Eyes are probably one of evolution’s greatest inventions. And … Continue reading

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The Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is celebrating it’s current heroes – a litter of Scottish Wildcat kittens! Scottish Wildcats are a perilously endangered species, with only around 400 estimated to currently be alive in the wild. Some consider the … Continue reading

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Lots of people, scientists and writers of fiction, have hypothesised what life on another world may be like. Indeed, with the idea that a world like Europa may have a hidden ocean locked inside its icy shell, it’s all too … Continue reading

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