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I just wanted to share this gorgeous photograph – Jupiter and all four of its Galilean moons clearly visible, behind our own Moon with the sunlight illuminating the bumps and ridges on its surface. I love photographs like this. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Astrophotography by Mia Stålnacke

My favourite astrophotographer of the moment is the extremely talented Mia Stålnacke, whose forté is photographing aurora borealis. As it happens, she’s in the perfect location for views of the aurorae, living high up in the arctic circle. The little town of … Continue reading

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7 hours of Perseids

Unfortunately, every year when I’m actually able to go and try to watch the Perseid shower, the same thing happens. Inevitably it’s cloudy, and I somehow end up seeing as many satellites as I do actual meteors. Not that I … Continue reading

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This absolutely gorgeous sunspot image was captured and crafted by Mexican astronomer César Cantú. And… seriously just wow. I’m lost for words. There’s just so much in this image that it’s difficult to know where to start. From the amazing detail … Continue reading

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Mr Oogie Boogie

This has got to be one of the most gorgeous images I’ve seen in quite some time! Taken by Russian ace astrophotographer Yuriy Toropin, this is an image of LDN1622, which he’s dubbed the Boogie Man nebula. And really, you can see why, can’t … Continue reading

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Everything moves in circles

Everyone loves star trails, don’t they? Well, these are some of the most wonderful star trails I’ve ever seen – long exposures taken from the cupola window on the International Space Station! Just… wow! Images via NASA_JSC_Photo @ flickr, and … Continue reading

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There’s something on your face

I really love those moments when I see an image that makes me double take and say out loud “Oh wow”. This image caused one of those moments. This photograph is a beautiful beautiful capture of a sunrise over the … Continue reading

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This nebula. I like it. Another!

For all those who’ve been to seen the Avengers movie in the cinemas, here’s a geeky little tribute — This is Thor’s Helmet! Around 15000 light years away, and spanning 30 light years in size, Thor’s Helmet (or NGC 2359 … Continue reading

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24 Hour Planet

(click to aggrandise!) This is possibly one of the most gorgeous photographs I’ve ever seen. I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but this time I really mean it. This is a 360° panorama over 24 hours, with both star and … Continue reading

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“The Planet and the Radio Dish”

Sometimes I just see an image which makes me stop and stare. This is one of those images… Click to aggrandise (and believe me, you really need to see this image full size!) I really love images like this. It’s … Continue reading

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