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The Moon and The Meteor

Did you know it’s actually possible to see a meteor crash land on the moon? You need to be very lucky to do so, but it’s not uncommon. After all, both Earth and the Moon are being continually pelted with … Continue reading

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Meteor Chemistry

Have you ever noticed that not all meteors you see falling are the same colour? Growing up in the dark countryside away from city lights, I saw them sometimes, and their colour occasionally seemed to be an unusual and striking … Continue reading

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Asteroid spotting

This is Dawn. And she’s a much underrated spacecraft. Launched back in 2007, Dawn’s mission is fascinating but, to many people, not especially glamorous. You see, in 2011 Dawn arrived at her new home in the asteroid belt. With her … Continue reading

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7 hours of Perseids

Unfortunately, every year when I’m actually able to go and try to watch the Perseid shower, the same thing happens. Inevitably it’s cloudy, and I somehow end up seeing as many satellites as I do actual meteors. Not that I … Continue reading

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