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8 fabulous holiday destinations on Venus!

It’s that time of year when those of us who live on islands high in the northern hemisphere are really tired of cold, rainy weather. So why not plan a trip away somewhere? And what better destination than Venus? Supernova … Continue reading

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8 things we know about Proxima b

Proxima b is exciting, isn’t it? I mean, it’s a planet which was born to a different star. An actual alien planet. And it’s so tantalisingly close! If our species were to actually work towards it, we could conceivably send a robot … Continue reading

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8 Things About Uranium

As is fairly obvious, the recently inaugurated President of the USA, Donald Trump, has no idea what uranium is. To quote him directly: “You know what uranium is, right? S’thing called nuclear weapons and other things and lots of… things are … Continue reading

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8 science journalism clichés

Science literacy is, it has to be said, very important. Honestly, it’s likely to grow and continue to be more important. Times are changing. Things which are considered to be common knowledge are changing. Unfortunately, science journalism isn’t keeping up. … Continue reading

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8 Neutron Star “Facts”!

Neutron stars are amongst the most extreme objects in the known universe. And I don’t mean extreme as in frontside 360 stalefish varial, I mean the kind of extreme that would’ve given Einstein bad dreams. Born in supernovae, neutron stars … Continue reading

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8 reasons to be amazed by Gamma Ray Bursts!

Ok, so I have gamma ray bursts on the brain at the minute, which isn’t unexpected after reading about them for a week. Besides, frankly, they’re so damn fascinating! Seriously, the most dramatically powerful events in the known Universe, and … Continue reading

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