Supernova Condensate is a blog about our place in the Universe. Because whether or not we realise it, we’re a part of this Universe and it’s very much a part of us. The stars you see in the sky at night may be unimaginably distant, but we’re inextricably tied to all of them. The stars create the raw elements needed for life to form, creating the life which then gazes back in wonder at the stars.

We shouldn’t see the cosmos as being remote and detached from us. We should see it as something we’re a part of. We should value our planet, our star, and our galaxy. They’re the reason we exist.

As a secondary topic, Supernova Condensate is all about life as an early career researcher. The the high and low points of academic life, surviving grad school, and trying to forge a career in scientific research.


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3 Responses to Info

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  2. jaksichja says:

    Hello you have a very interesting blog—and very well laid-out. I just started mine–a couple of months ago. Things are easy to find and follow. It is a very good blog!

  3. Winnie says:


    I have recently opened an account on Wikipedia, hoping to write an article for my company. Wikipedia has all the answers, but I believe getting some first hand information from someone familiar in the field would be amazing.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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