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Planet Blossoms

The Universe really is quite pretty and mathematical. It’s just full of natural rhythms and geometries, and this is often apparent in the orbits of stars and planets. Planets like to be in harmony, tugging each others orbits with gravity … Continue reading

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“We humans are capable of greatness”

Happy Birthday Carl ❤️

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Seems like a lot of things around here are either not working or in need of being updated. A consequence, I suppose, of having being absent for so long. If you happen to find anything glitchy or broken, please feel … Continue reading

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Happy caturday! Today’s caturday topic? Cat tongues. No, not those biscuits they sell in Europe. Actual cat tongues. Exactly! Anyone who’s ever had a cat unexpectedly lick their fingers will be able to tell you that a cat’s tongue is … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome can bite me!

I’ve met very few people who, when asked, would say that they had a good year in 2016. Most people seem to look at their feet, hesitantly say a few words about how things could have been better, and then change … Continue reading

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Comic by Hannah Blumenreich. Happy Caturday!

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Welcome to the Future

It’s finally here!! In 1989, goofy sci fi movie Back to the Future 2 saw hapless protagonists travel to the distant faraway time of… 2015! Regrettably hoverboards★, Mr Fusion machines, and holographic cinemas haven’t happened yet. Though a few things … Continue reading

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Frosty little world

I’m so happy that humanity has visited Pluto within my lifetime. I mean, just look at it! I thought that caramel ice cream would be an appropriate celebration of getting to this butterscotchy-looking little world. Honestly, it’s a fascinating little … Continue reading

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Here, kitty kitty!

Happy caturday! Here’s an illustration showing five of the largest cat species to have ever lived! From left to right, those cats are… American Lion (Panthera leo atrox) Possibly the largest cat to have ever lived, looking remarkably like modern day … Continue reading

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Climate change

I got an e-mail a little while ago about a rather nice infographic all about a not so nice phenomenon – climate change. Honestly, I find it remarkable that climate change is still even questioned. But it is. Even though we, … Continue reading

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