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Carnival of Space 267

Welcome, one and all, to another scintillating selection of spacey and scientific writings fresh from the blogosphere, for your enjoyment and perusal! This week’s flavour is very much centred around space travel – both manned and robotic. Let’s kick off … Continue reading

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The spirit of exploration

Setting foot on the Moon is possibly the biggest single statement of exploration, that innately human ambition, ever made. We live in a different world now, and a different time. We look back nostalgically on the Apollo missions as “the … Continue reading

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Probably the coolest random fact about Curiosity – Its tyre tracks spell out JPL in morse code! In Morse code: J → • – – – P → • – – • L → • – • • If that isn’t … Continue reading

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Riding the Dragon

You know those sew-on space mission patches? The ones which you may have had stitched onto your clothing when you were a little kid? Wait, was that just me? Oh… They’re now making patches for the SpaceX Dragon! These little … Continue reading

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Inspiring curiosity

I love so much that things like this are actually made! Seriously, landing on another planet is cool. Kids of ages 3+ know this very well. Which is probably why virtually every single cool spacecraft or interplanetary robot has been … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mars!

The Curiosity rover has officially landed on the surface of Mars, and it has opened its eyes for the first time to the frigid warmth of the martian afternoon sun. Humanity is back on Mars, and we’re there with our … Continue reading

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Curiosity killed the lack of knowledge

I can guarantee you that there are a lot of very tense NASA scientists out there this weekend. The reason being that at 05:31 UTC on August 6 (about half past 6 in the morning here in the UK), the … Continue reading

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Most gamers will probably recognise Space Core from Portal 2 by now – and thanks to an anonymous NASA technician, he’s getting his dream of being in space. The little image of Space Core (or is it Wheatley?) in the … Continue reading

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Pulsar spirograph

The Fermi telescope, seeing the sky in gamma rays, has given us our best view yet of the high energy Universe. A world where bizarre events give out so much energy that it’s difficult for us to fully appreciate their scale. … Continue reading

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We are clueless about the future

I just wanted to share this image. Honestly, I kid you not, this is what scientists may once upon a time have expected a “home computer” to look like in the year 2004. As I sit here amidst a heap … Continue reading

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