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Acid drop

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know that Venus is my favourite planet in our solar system. Yes, I know it’s basically a big pressure cooker wrapped in lethally corrosive acid, but I love it all … Continue reading

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Skylon Spaceplane: The Spacecraft of Tomorrow So last year when my spacecraft infographic got picked up, one thing which a lot of people commented on was Skylon. And it most certainly is an impressive beast. So basically, after 30 years … Continue reading

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Commercial Moon Flights Coming Soon? I always had a lot of respect for Alan Stern when he worked for NASA. He did a good job, promoting science and trying to keep things going on an ever dwindling budget. So on … Continue reading

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Gamma-Ray Burst Blasted 8th Century Earth It’s pretty fascinating, the way things work. The discovery of elevated levels of carbon-14 in the rings of an ancient Japanese cedar tree can set off a chain of logical enquiry which leads to … Continue reading

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Rare echidna species not so extinct after all? Echidnas are adorable. They’re also critically endangered, and one particular species – the long-beaked echidna – was thought to be extinct in Australia for over 30000 years. As it happens, it might … Continue reading

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Asteroid Mining: Booming 21st Century Gold Rush? If I’m honest, I’m a huge supporter of asteroid mining. While it’s good that there are many who are critical of the idea, it also seems like a logical step for the human … Continue reading

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Could the next generation of electronics be made with graphene? Moore’s Law really has held true. Human electronics are developing at blistering speed, and quite soon, silicon-based technology is going to be too slow to keep up. Graphene is a … Continue reading

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