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Dark blunder

So, you know when you accidentally misplace 83% of the mass of the Universe? Wait… what? Ok, let me backtrack a minute. Do you remember last month there was a press release from ESO saying how it a study had … Continue reading

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Science Calling

I’m rather happy to say that I have a guest blog post on Science Calling all about the search for life in the Universe! Science Calling is a quite wonderful blog all about public engagement and science in Ireland, and … Continue reading

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Model spaceships

This, my friends, is an image showing several of the most notable spacecraft we plucky human beings have created (and are busily creating) to date. The past, the present, and the ones that never quite made it. All spacecraft shown … Continue reading

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I hope you’re having a good caturday!

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Grown, not built

The International Space Station, usually known as the ISS, is probably the most expensive single structure the human race has ever constructed. The reason being that each new module of it has to be first made here on Earth and … Continue reading

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“Abort on engine 5. Chamber pressure high.”

Today was to be the launch day for the Dragon capsule. SpaceX’s manned space vehicle, and the only manned craft ever to travel into orbit which was completely built by a private company as opposed to a government funded corporation. … Continue reading

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Giga hexagon!

Well, while I’m on the subject of hexagons, I might as well do what I do best and leap from the imperceptibly tiny to the immensely huge. There’s one hexagonal structure which is naturally formed and large enough to easily … Continue reading

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Quite hexagonal

I’m of the personal opinion that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules, often known as PAHs, are one of the finest proofs that the Universe is beautiful. Carbon, at the molecular level, organises itself into geometrically perfect hexagons. It doesn’t even need … Continue reading

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Of myth and wonder

❝ Today the function of the artist is to bring imagination to science and science to imagination, where they meet, in the myth. ❞ – Cyril Connolly While I like this quote, and I love the imagery it conjures, I … Continue reading

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Academia ex machina

Academia is a harsh mistress. If you’re not careful, it has a habit of spitting you out into the real world to fend for yourself when you’d really rather have other plans. So currently, being all out of funding, I’m … Continue reading

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