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Tarry Tarry Night

Ceres is a fascinating little world. The Empress of Asteroids. The little planet that couldn’t. A tiny, primordial remnant from the early days of the solar system, full of answers to questions, and new questions to be answered. And now, … Continue reading

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I stumbled across this rather interesting little article the other day, about the idea that planets which aren’t “Earth-like” by the definitions of planet hunters may not necessarily be bad places for life. My first thought was that I’m glad … Continue reading

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Going Viral

Viruses. I’m quite a big fan of viruses to be honest. You know, apart from those ones which make you ill. But I guess nobody’s perfect. In particular, viruses are interesting because they give a curious little insight into the … Continue reading

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Europa Report

I’ve been so out of the loop recently, I seem to be late jumping onto this bandwagon, but I’ve only just learned about an exciting film due to be released later this month! Europa Report, a “found footage” style movie, … Continue reading

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Ammonia-Based Life?

While I was perusing some Wikimedia Commons images to find an illustration for an article, I stumbled across this gorgeous concept image, created by Wikimedia user lttiz. This is an impressively well thought out depiction of a world dominated by … Continue reading

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Acid drop

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know that Venus is my favourite planet in our solar system. Yes, I know it’s basically a big pressure cooker wrapped in lethally corrosive acid, but I love it all … Continue reading

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How “habitable” is our solar system anyway?

If you take a look around our solar system, it’s sometimes enough to make you feel slightly lonely. As far as we know, the only planet with any kind of life on it is ours. We certainly haven’t seen any … Continue reading

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The Oldest Fossils in the World Life has existed on planet Earth for a long time. Precisely how long, however, is a question which many are still searching for an answer to. The most recently discovered piece in that puzzle … Continue reading

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Alien Planet – Full Documentary

For anyone who found my musings about Darwin IV in the Starfish Aliens astrotrope interesting, the whole Alien Planet documentary is available to watch on YouTube. It’s an hour and a half long though, so you may want to get … Continue reading

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Astrotropes: Starfish Aliens

Inspired in no small way by recent ponderings at Centauri Dreams concerning how alien an alien might be, let’s continue the Astrotropes series with the concept of starfish aliens. In stark contrast with the humanoid aliens I looked at previously, … Continue reading

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