Aurora on your Finger

I’ve been very fond of jewellery pretty much forever, so I have a pretty sizeable collection of rings by now – but this aurora borealis ring made by Secret Wood is on a whole different level.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Secret Wood make these beautiful jewellery pieces entirely from wood and jewellery resin, with a few select pieces including other things, like flowers, trapped inside the resin.

These rings made to order and, as you might expect, each one is unique due to the natural variations in the wood and materials they’re made from. But to be certain you’re happy with your purchase, they’ll send you a photograph if your ring before shipping it. They’ll also cost you somewhere around $110-$170 US. For jewellery like this, that seems like a very good price, to me!

Their website has a whole collection of different ring styles (including limited editions) which, quite honestly, seem like the sort of thing a wizard might wear. Or if you want even more pretty things to look at, they have an instagram page too.

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