Space Rocks

I stumbled across this rather lovely size comparison of small Solar System objects, and I thought I’d share. Click it for a larger view!

Taking pride of place is Ceres, empress of asteroids, with her smaller sibling Vesta, the largest asteroid in the main belt. To the left are a handful of more typical asteroids, all of which have been seen up close by robots we’ve sent out to investigate them.

Below are 3 of the Solar System’s huge collection of moons, and the ever curious asteroid Chariklo with its ring system. At the very top, near the right, are the two Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos which really does illustrate how puny they are, even compared to some asteroids.

This image was created by Daniele Bianchino, left in a comment on the Dawn Blog a couple of years ago. His website’s quite a visual treat, even if you don’t speak Italian. Nice work, Daniele!

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