I’m pretty sure it’s something we’ve all done. You’re so intently typing something, with your desk cluttered with various printed papers, books, and notes. It’s so easy to not notice that you hit caps lock when you started typing.

Which is exactly what happened to Julie Blommaert, aka @Julie_B92 on twitter.

Who understandably found it hilarious that she’d been effectively yelling at her computer about important science things.

And so, the #ALLCAPSPROPOSAL hashtag was born! Obviously, hilarity ensued as miscellaneous scientists from various fields started yelling about science they want to do in 140 character bites.

Hopefully when we’re all done yelling, the research funding should start pouring in. In the meantime, as you might expect, the resulting tweetfest ranged from the actually quite sensible…

…to the slightly silly…

…to the delightfully absurd.

And then there’s Chissa Rivaldi.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

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