The Moon and The Meteor

Did you know it’s actually possible to see a meteor crash land on the moon? You need to be very lucky to do so, but it’s not uncommon. After all, both Earth and the Moon are being continually pelted with meteoritic material. Most of it is barely larger than dust, but occasionally a few larger objects leave their mark.

I’ve actually been lucky enough to see this once myself. When I was just a kid living out in the countryside under dark skies, I used to have a telescope. The Moon was always an easy target to look at, so I used to point my telescope there quite often. One night just as I was about to finish up for the night, I actually saw a bright spot appear on the Moon’s surface ever so briefly.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was I’d seen. After doing a little reading, I realised it must’ve been a meteor impact. It wasn’t quite as bright as the one highlighted in this video, but it was definitely the same thing. If it had been on the Moon’s sunlit side, I wouldn’t have seen it at all. Strangely enough, this video is one of the few I’ve ever seen which show the same thing I saw that night.

I still consider myself rather lucky to have actually seen an event like that, small though it may have been. It’s little things like that which have always kept me fascinated with astronomy.

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