How to write a proposal – part II

A few months ago, I wrote a little about how to put together a research proposal. At the time, I acknowledged that I was no expert and had a lot still to learn. I still acknowledge this, perhaps now even more so. Winning grants is a pretty big part of how science works in our modern world, and so I forsee my learning on this subject to be ongoing for a long time. If I’m good enough to succeed in my chosen career path, I expect it will be ongoing indefinitely.

This post offers no advice itself. It’s a collection of links to articles written by people far more experienced than myself. Standing on the shoulders of giants, as they say.

This isn’t even all the pages I found, but it seemed like a nice collection of them. Needless to say, I’m not the only person trying to claw my way to the top of this. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re in a similar boat.

Now… I have some more reading to do…

Proposal writing and rainy days...


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