Postcards from Pluto

New Horizons passed Pluto some time ago, but it’s still slowly dripping data back to us. The tiny craft wasn’t optimised for data transfer, so its hard drives are still packed to the gills with exciting discoveries which we’ll all be hearing more about as the months go by. Also, it gives it something to do now that the excitement is over.

One of the most exciting things I’ve seen lately is this huge juicy mosaic made by the LORRI instrument. It’s false colour to emphasise certain surface features and it’s just big enough to get slightly lost in. Emily Lakdawalla can tell you more details about it, but I just want to feast my eyes on how gorgeous this little world is…

False colour portrait

Pluto is watching you!

I sort of feel like Pluto might be a nice place to go hiking...

From the craters, the surface looks older here...

Marbled swirls on the shores of Pluto's heart...

It's not just me, right? It really does looks snowy, doesn't it...

Pluto has such odd landforms. Odd and really pretty!

Oh you beautiful little frostball. I can still barely believe we’ve finally visited you!

The original NASA release is here.

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