Hotel Room

While this kind of lifestyle probably isn't for everyone, I rather enjoy it!

So yesterday afternoon I arrived in Taipei for a weeklong conference about cosmic dust, and as I write this I’m relaxing in a rather comfortable hotel room. Interestingly enough, this marks the 4th country I’ve visited across 2 continents over the past 6 months. And honestly, I’m enjoying this very much, even if I’m feeing a little run down right now. I love seeing new places. Also, by this point I’m no stranger to being in a country where I don’t speak the same language as most other people around me. That said, for someone who speaks only a small handful of words of Chinese, I seem to have survived ok so far here in Taiwan.

Also, I seem to have far more varieties of currency than normal at the moment. The EasyCard there in the picture below is the newest – it’s a Taiwanese subway card (the local variant on Oyster/Octopus/Suica/fahrCard/Multivía/whatever may be used where you are in the world). I seem to be making a collection of these, as I am with various other things. It seems that if you spend enough time going places elsewhere, you find yourself acquiring some souvenirs without needing to look very hard for them.

More currencies than most people should be carrying, I think...

I really should write in this blog more often – my apologies to anyone still reading. Also, I should write more sciencey things here. After all, this is supposed to be a science blog and not a travel blog. Though in some ways, when you work in certain fields of research, the two rather go hand in hand. At some point, I’ll no doubt write a couple of things related to the conference I’m here to attend….

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