Geometric Clothing

The Japanese shop, Muji, has had a few UK branches for quite a number of years now. It surprised a few of my friends here in Tokyo when I told them this, but I’ve been periodically buying things there for years. For a start, there aren’t many places back home where you can buy pens with 0.38 mm points. Needless to say, given how helpful they are for writing kanji characters, fine points are the norm for pens here. But my favourite Muji purchase is one which I have, to date, never actually unwrapped. And while this may seem a little bizarre, I hope it remains that way.


This is a large cotton/polyester t-shirt compressed and shrink wrapped into a 5 x 5 x 5 cm cube. It takes up only a tiny corner of my hand luggage, but it’s nice to have in case of emergencies. You see, I like to follow a little piece of traveller’s advice and always carry a couple of spare pieces of clothing in my hand luggage. To date, I’ve never had my hold luggage go missing, touch wood, but it does happen on occasion. And I’m the sort of person who likes to have a contingency plan. That said, I’d like this t-shirt to remain in cube form if at all possible for a long time yet!

Interestingly, airport security staff seem to find this hilarious. I was stopped randomly once in Birmingham International back in the UK, and the guy checking through my bag found my tiny shirt cube so amusing that he called a couple of his colleagues over to have a look. Made me smile, anyway…

Anyway, I should get back to packing for this conference and get some rest. I have to leave home painfully early tomorrow morning!

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