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I’ve been so out of the loop recently, I seem to be late jumping onto this bandwagon, but I’ve only just learned about an exciting film due to be released later this month! Europa Report, a “found footage” style movie, is an independently produced film directed by Sebastián Cordero. And it looks like it’s going to be quite special.

Now, I’m something of a sci fi aficionado. As anyone who’s been brave enough (or perhaps unfortunate enough) to get into a conversation with me may be able to attest, I like it particularly when things in movies are scientific and logical. This isn’t to say, of course, that I’m unwilling to suspend my disbelief for the sake of a good story (hell, I’m a big geek and a huge fan of Star Trek), but I do appreciate realism in my stories where it’s appropriate. And in Europa Report, that realism seems to be overwhelmingly abundant!

All I know of the synopsis so far is that it’s about a team of 6 astronauts who embark on a privately funded expedition to Europa. Their mission is to try and find whatever fabled life may exist there, hidden beneath the ice in Europa’s secret oceans. Of course, perhaps inevitably, things go disasterously wrong…

How accurate will it turn out to be? Well, I’ll be sure to give it a proper review after I’ve seen it – though it’s already been given glowing reviews by reporters, such as those nice folks over at io9. I’m hoping for good things from this film!

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any confirmed UK release date yet. Assuming I’m still in the country when it comes out, I wonder if I could persuade anyone to go and see it with me… The popcorn is on me! (Though hopefully not literally.)

One has to hope that the actual future will be slightly less disastrous, mind you...

Actually, one of my favourite memories of the past few years was standing around outside the cinema with a bunch of Physicists after watching Star Trek, chatting about which bits were the most awesome. I may have made a point of wearing a red shirt that day…


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