Caffeine and ambiance!

It may be discourteous to sprawl, but... well, no one else was occupying the sofa!

I’ll freely admit that I’m something of a seigneur-terraces. As well as enjoying freshly brewed coffee, I do like the atmosphere found in most coffee shops. Actually, I’m quite glad that I live in a city with rather a vibrant café culture, and I’m quite certain that wherever I may find myself in the future will likely be somewhat similar.

Honestly though, if there’s one thing which genuinely manages to boost my productivity, it’s the environment. For a long time, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was about the aural clutter of espresso machines, milk frothers, random chatter, and (usually) miscellaneous acoustic/jazz soundtrack which managed to aid my concentration so.

Apparently, there’s a scientifically valid reason for that. Or a hypothesis, at any rate. Seemingly, I’m not the only one who finds total silence to be as damaging to my concentration as loud noise. The upshot is that ambient noise is good.

Ahhh, ambiance...

So, wonderfully, I discovered this lovely little website called Coffitivity. The basic idea is that coffee shop ambient noise is basically ideal; if you have the same kind of ambient noise in your workspace, wherever that may be, it should help you in the same way. Perhaps unexpectedly, it actually works. Try it!

Obviously, there’s no substitute for actually chilling out in a café on an afternoon, but I rather like this little gadget. Hopefully it shall bring me many happy hours of writing and provide a marvellous soundtrack for whatever sciencey goodness I may be fooling about with. As long as there are also adequate quantities of coffee to fuel it, anyway. Yes.

Actually, speaking of coffee…

Mmmm... productivity!

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