A jolly good fellow?

While I’m quite merrily building a writing career and even planning on writing a book, there is honestly no way I’m going to drop my research career without a fight. Thankfully, right now there are a fair few things I can use in that fight…

If I’m honest, this list is more for myself than anything else, though it may be of use to anyone else who’s looking at finding a fellowship position. Or anyone who’s curious about how the academic job game works.

Current fellowships to apply for:

  • Marie Curie Fellowship
    Europe will fund me to go and work practically anywhere in the world. Coincidentally, I’d very much like to go and work practically anywhere in the world. Deadline’s a few months away. I have some reading to do…
  • NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
    The next funding cycle is also the next time when the Astrobiology program are participating. Nuff said. Which reminds me, I have a couple of e-mails to send…
  • Gemini Science Fellowship
    Now this one would be fun. It’s based in Hilo, Hawaii. Only 40% of my time would be my own research, admittedly, but it still looks pretty awesome. A friend of mine won one of these a few years ago…
  • IAC Fellowship
    The Institutio Astrofísica de Canarias would be a good place to work. And I know they do research there which is in line with my own, because I’ve cited several researchers who’re based there.

Of course, this is all assuming that that thing which I applied for which I’d really like to happen does, in fact, happen. Or not. As the case may be.

If I’m honest, I’m still uncertain as to whether by applying for fellowships, I’m pitching too high. I honestly don’t know if I’m good enough, and in many ways, I don’t believe I am. But that feeling is remarkably familiar these days, and I don’t have the luxury to think like that right now.

Oh, I have much to do. Allons-y!

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