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Solar flair!

I’m taking a break from everything else I’m doing, because solar events are awesome. – the Sun has just belched out another big flare, ranking at M7.3. It’s certainly been a turbulent little star recently. The info was tweeted about … Continue reading

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Welcome to Monday…

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A jolly good fellow?

While I’m quite merrily building a writing career and even planning on writing a book, there is honestly no way I’m going to drop my research career without a fight. Thankfully, right now there are a fair few things I … Continue reading

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Here, kitty kitty!

Happy caturday! Here’s an illustration showing five of the largest cat species to have ever lived! From left to right, those cats are… American Lion (Panthera leo atrox) Possibly the largest cat to have ever lived, looking remarkably like modern day … Continue reading

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Acid drop

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know that Venus is my favourite planet in our solar system. Yes, I know it’s basically a big pressure cooker wrapped in lethally corrosive acid, but I love it all … Continue reading

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Why can’t science reporting be both critical AND awesome?

So sometime yesterday afternoon, I found myself reclining in a crowded coffee shop amidst an eclectic assortment of undergrads studying, using a similarly eclectic assortment of electronic devices… When I stumbled across an article posted on twitter, which a friend of … Continue reading

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The Sun is doing some quite exciting things at the moment. Just the other day, it spat out a X1.7 flare, the first X-class flare this year. Things are likely to stay interesting for a while now too. We’re very … Continue reading

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Ground control to Commander Hadfield

Chris Hadfield, everyone’s favourite astronaut, has officially handed over control of the ISS and is preparing to return back down to Earth. He’s also going out with style, recording a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Seriously, just watch and … Continue reading

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Dual Career Wielding

So after crawling out from the thesis cocoon, I’ve been taking a few days to straighten out some thoughts and take stock of things. I’m a little behind on my e-mail, and my head contains a tangled mess of unmade … Continue reading

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❝ Far too many of us have been taught in school that a scientist, in the course of trying to figure something out, will first come up with a “hypothesis” (a guess or surmise—not necessarily even an “educated” guess). … … Continue reading

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