Cooking with meteorites

What would you do if you found a meteorite? You might keep it as an ornament. Perhaps you could sell it to a collector or a scientist. Though I’d imagine you probably wouldn’t use it to make jamón serrano

Weirdly though, that’s exactly what a Spanish farmer named Faustino Asensio Lopez did. Discovering this meteorite in Spain, near Ciudad Real, he mistook it for scrap metal from the Spanish civil war. So he took it home and kept it on his front porch where his family members used it for over three decades to help cure ham. Yes, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds.

As it happens, Lopez’s ham press is actually a fragment of a prehistoric iron meteorite which had been buried for countless years. If Lopez hadn’t seen a report on TV about meteorites over Spain, this chunk of celestial iron would probably still be quite literally sitting on his doorstep!

Mmmm... Space ham.

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  1. This is interesting, never heard like this before…

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