Joy and Sunshine…?

I realise that I’ve been quite notably absent from my blog of late. I do apologise for this, dear readers, but I’ve had rather a lot on my plate these past few weeks. Most notably, this:

Thesis hellThis is (currently) approximately 150 pages of joy and sunshine. And when I say joy and sunshine, what I really mean is headache and ardour. My PhD thesis is due to be submitted by the end of the month. Which is why I have a panic notebook to keep track of everything that I still need to do.

Oh, and for those of you who know me, yes I did intend for this to be submitted an embarrassingly long time ago. Unfortunately it’s been delayed somewhat by… things. Among them, the fact that I do rather like to eat food every now and again, and that requires me to work and acquire currency.

So yeah. The thesis and a handful of writing gigs have been keeping me rather preoccupied. Fear not. All shall return to some semblance of normalcy relatively soon. In the meantime, expect further hermit-like behaviour.

Alternatively, if you’re curious what I’m up to, come and find me on twitter or instagram. I’m pretty sure using them as venting spaces is good for my mental wellbeing…



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Molecular astrophysicist, usually found writing frenziedly, staring at the sky, or drinking mojitos.
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2 Responses to Joy and Sunshine…?

  1. pax says:

    Yay for almost submitting! I keep my fingers crossed that everything works out well!

    (And I love the idea of the notebook. I may get one for myself, since my deadline is coming sooner than I would want it to, too.)

    • invaderxan says:

      Thanks. :)

      The panic notebook is an idea I had for any big projects I have when deadlines approach. I always find myself writing lots of notes of things I need to do, and if I keep them all on post-its or written on drafts then it’s easy to lose track of them. This way they’re all together in one place.

      Deadlines always happen sooner than you want them to. Pretty sure you’ll be just fine though. Not to fret. :)

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