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❝ The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, (s)he’s one who asks the right questions.❞ Levi-Strauss

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Lord of the Rings

This is a completely gratuitous Saturn appreciation post. Just because. All image credits: NASA/ESA

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The Oldest Fossils in the World Life has existed on planet Earth for a long time. Precisely how long, however, is a question which many are still searching for an answer to. The most recently discovered piece in that puzzle … Continue reading

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One single image to explain the shape of the field lines around a bar magnet. I don’t think any further comment is necessary here!

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I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Vi Hart‘s videos on YouTube, but they’re really quite fantastic. Honestly, if mathematics had ever been made as interesting as she manages to make it back while I was actually studying it, I … Continue reading

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8 science journalism clichés

Science literacy is, it has to be said, very important. Honestly, it’s likely to grow and continue to be more important. Times are changing. Things which are considered to be common knowledge are changing. Unfortunately, science journalism isn’t keeping up. … Continue reading

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Ancient Mars – Another Blue World?

Look again at this dot. That’s not here. That’s not home. That’s certainly not us. The quest for water on planet Mars has become one of the most well known goals in space exploration, but it seems that perhaps we’re … Continue reading

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As was pointed out in the comments of my post about Lise Meitner the other day, I forgot to mention that she actually had the last laugh. You see, Meitner received what is arguably one of the greatest honours a … Continue reading

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White rooftops?

Global warming and climate change should really be ever present on the collective minds of our species these days. After all, despite science communicators like Carl Sagan having been beseeching us for decades to curb out use of fossil fuels, … Continue reading

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❝ Life does not have to be easy, as long as it is not empty.❞ Lise Meitner

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