I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Vi Hart‘s videos on YouTube, but they’re really quite fantastic. Honestly, if mathematics had ever been made as interesting as she manages to make it back while I was actually studying it, I might even have decided to become a mathematician. It’s quite easy to get lost in the fascinating monologue style she creates at the best of times, but this one concept just amazes me. It’s the concept of wau.

Seriously, just wau.

Wau, denoted by the archaic greek digamma letter, Ϝ,  is one of the most fascinating numbers I’ve ever come across. I mean, if you think that Φ or π are cool, well. They have nothing on wau.

Any inelegant attempt I could make at an explanation simply wouldn’t do it justice. Just watch this video, and let Vi explain it to you instead. Trust me, it’s five minutes and nineteen seconds of time which you won’t regret.


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  1. Clever. Wau certainly is a very singular number, isn’t it? :-D

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