To infinity and beyond?

Lots of people seem to be amused by NASA’s latest prototype space suits. Dubbed the Z1, the similarity to one Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies has been noted far and wide by now…


To be honest, while amusing, the similarity isn’t all that great. The bubble-head design has long been a staple of most of the more interesting space suit concepts. I rather get the impression that someone decided to give it a Buzz Lightyear lime green colour for a laugh.

Really though, I like the concept of this suit. The idea, very excitingly, is to build a suit intended ultimately for deep space missions, and surface exploration. In other words, this suit is intended to be worn not only in orbit, but on the Moon and Mars too! The focus is on safety and ease of use. Unlike previous suit designs, this is a one-piece costume. That big hatch on the back enables astronauts to climb into it.

Also, I quite like the footwear, though those gloves still look a lot like the cumbersome gloves used in existing space suits – that is, the ones which have a habit of removing peoples’ fingernails…

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