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Keep writing if moon dust clogs the gears and coats your clothes and is the grit covering your words brush it away keep writing. – Astropoetry courtesy of Tychogirl Words to live by.

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Give it a few hundred years, and I’m quite sure Saturn is destined to be one of the great tourist attractions of our solar system. And here’s why! This breathtaking image of our Solar system’s second largest planet shows Saturn … Continue reading

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To infinity and beyond?

Lots of people seem to be amused by NASA’s latest prototype space suits. Dubbed the Z1, the similarity to one Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies has been noted far and wide by now… To be honest, while amusing, … Continue reading

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Eyes in the sky – looking at exoplanets

Anyone who’s been paying attention this last year will know that it’s been a turbulent year for space telescopes. Turbulent, but not without some unexpected windfalls. One in particular is that earlier this year, the US National Reconnaissance Organisation (NRO) … Continue reading

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The centre of the galaxy

Make no mistake. The galactic centre is a fascinating place. Some of the densest interstellar environments in the galaxy, populated by some of the most massive stars. Supernova remnants, strewn about like streamers after a New Year’s celebration, decorate the … Continue reading

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Windy worlds

Taking a look at our solar system, there are a few traits shared by numerous planets. One of these is the curious phenomenon of atmospheric superrotation. Planets with a dense atmosphere seem to have a constant prevailing wind in one … Continue reading

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