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Do Not Feed the Aliens

I absolutely have to mention this. “Do Not Feed the Aliens” is an enchanting little short story, courtesy of my friend Ursula WJ. An excerpt… “I just wondering how the research was getting on. In a more general kind of … Continue reading

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Midnight Sun

“I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected.” Those were the words uttered by the eminent physicist Wolfgang Pauli in 1930 when he first put forward the idea of the neutrino. Such is the delightful eccentricity of physicists of … Continue reading

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Sometimes things can feel big. And that can make you feel very small. My apologies for my absence. I’ve been busy dealing with a few things, which I think I now have under control. Thank you, dear readers, for your … Continue reading

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The time is now

I’m still experiencing a dearth of writing. Apologies for any inconvenience. In the meantime, here’s some classic xkcd…

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The beauty of questions

In lieu of having much in the way of my own creativity right now, I’d like to reproduce a comic which I’ve seen drifting around tumblr recently (thanks, cassief). With a little Googling, I was able to find the full … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

Again. For about a week now. Damn…  

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