Do Not Feed the Aliens

I absolutely have to mention this. “Do Not Feed the Aliens” is an enchanting little short story, courtesy of my friend Ursula WJ. An excerpt…

“I just wondering how the research was getting on. In a more general kind of sense. About how the species live. How they operate.”

“They’re semi-permeable sacs of gaseous matter which seem to have evolved some kind of nervous system.”

“Yes. I went to the briefing,” he says, more irritably than he intended.

“They seem to have evolved some kind of society, although not, as far as we are aware, any kind of technology. However I would caution against the premature conclusion that this indicates a lower form of intelligence.”

The whole beautifully imagined piece is on her site for all to see. I’d heartily recommend reading it!

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  1. Baribal says:

    Nice. It’s sort of an antithesis to “They’re made out of meat”.

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