Alien Planet – Full Documentary

For anyone who found my musings about Darwin IV in the Starfish Aliens astrotrope interesting, the whole Alien Planet documentary is available to watch on YouTube. It’s an hour and a half long though, so you may want to get some popcorn. I’d advise you do though, as this is one of the most imaginative descriptions of alien life I’ve ever seen.

It’s funny how rapidly these things can go out of date too. Despite what Michio Kaku might say in this film, the Terrestrial Planet Finder was cancelled and will not be launching in 2014. Kepler, on the other hand, has been busy…

Incidentally, the original concept came from a book called Expedition by Wayne Douglas Barlow. I’ve yet to get hold of a copy, but I’d very much like to!

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1 Response to Alien Planet – Full Documentary

  1. Baribal says:

    It’s great, but…
    Where was the part about investigating the orbit itself, the EM-scans for signals, the radar sweeps to search for possibly artificial objects, and starting the GPS/weather radar satellites?
    Why did the probes stick so close to each other for so long, why didn’t the security-conscious one observe the entcounter with arrowheads from above?
    Why do the drones just assume non-intelligence in the first creatures insted of sending the first primes or Fibonacci numbers in ultrasonic?
    s a good start, though. But like any movie, there are a few plotholes.

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