What planet is this?

Two photographs. Two planets. One picture was taken near Husband Hill on Mars, the other was taken in the desert, somewhere South of Morocco. Click on the image for a larger version to peruse. So what do you think? There are no clouds. You might look at the sky colour, but that can be deceptive. Is that haze near the horizon mist, or is it dust in the air?

Actually, the one on the left is Earth. Morocco evidently does a rather good Mars impersonation…

Earth image credit: Filipe Alves
With a tip of the hat to APOD

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4 Responses to What planet is this?

  1. Prof. Bleen says:

    The rocks in the foreground give Earth away, but I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe because they appear to be more deeply embedded in the soil?

    Actually, the crater of Haleakalā, just below the observatory, does a pretty good Mars impression, too.

    • invaderxan says:

      I know what you mean… Mars rocks do have a certain look about them, don’t they?

      And while it’s still an aspiration of mine to actually go there, yes I’ll bet it does! Funnily, with all of the basaltic lava flows, I’d imagine some other parts of Hawaii also do a rather good Venus impression!

  2. adam-0oo says:

    We need more of this peppy music to accompany your posts.

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